Friday, July 16, 2010

*Updated* Apex jQuery spinbox v1.0 [plugin]

After a review of Patrick Wolf, a few changes are incorporated to make this plugin a 1.0 version. As I said before, my first try was really simple (hence the 0.1), and Patrick took the time to review and change/add some of the code of the plugin. The following things have changed:

* Minimum value is required
* New number alignment attribute
* Autocomplete for text field is turned off
* New validation code that:

1. Checks if the value is numeric
2. Checks if the value is in range of min/max
3. Returns validation messages

* Renamed the library files according to apex jQuery namespace
* Added source files in release
* Added server ready files in case of webserver install
* Added a readme file
* Added installation and de-installation steps in the readme file

You can still find the demo on this location.
The download is stille hosted here.

And again, thanks to Patrick for the help!
Now go on, have fun with this plugin!


Jasem Tell said...

thank you for this great plug in :)
Sometimes people neglect to see the value of (what seems) a simple enhancements of an application on the end user of the application.
I only wish that new Apex releases will incorporate such item type by default

Trish said...

Hi mr. Rutger
I have a question about the plug-in. If your application's language is set to german or dutch, you'd have to use a comma separator instead of a decimal point. Will this spinbox work for those languages also
and I would like to know if this plug-in is free to use.

Hope to hear from you soon