Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Apex jQuery spinbox [plugin]

New version available check the next post.
This is the first plugin I created, using the spinbox plugin for jQuery, and wrapping some PL/SQL around it. It's very comparable to Patrick Wolf's mask example.

It's a very simple plugin, only rendering the field with extra up and down buttons at the end of the field, by clicking it adds or subtracts the "stepsize" parameter set in the settings. You can also set minimum and maximum parameters if you want to restrict the numbers (client side only ofcourse).

The demo:
The download:

Have fun with it.


Patrick Wolf said...

Hi Rutger,

has your e-mail changed? Because I got a

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.Final-Recipient: rfc822
Diagnostic-Code: 550
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after sending you an e-mail.


Rutger said...

Hi Patrick,

I don't know which email you used? My main email is:

I added you in linkedin, send me an inmail if it still doesn't work (which is weird :S)