Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Apex ACP bèta is here!

If you want to convert your Anychart 3 charts to Anychart 4.2.1, I have some great news! You can do it now, for free! Check these demo's.

Today I added the download link on the Apex Anychart Conversion Package website.
This means the first (bèta) release is public. And you're all invited to download and try the Apex ACP.

If you want to install the package, please have a look at my installation guide and video here: Installation Guide
I've also added the installation video to this post at the bottom.

If you find any bugs, you're more then welcome to share your problems, right here: Report a bug

Well, I hope everyone will have little problems installing the package. And I hope we don't have to use those Anychart 3 charts anymore.

I'm very interested in your opinion, so throw me a line if you want in the comments !

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Apex Anychart Conversion Package (ACP) featurelist

I've nearly finished the first version of the Apex ACP, the first conversion package for Oracle Apex to upgrade your existing charts to Anychart 4 while still having the power of the Apex builder wizards and chart configurations. And the best thing is, it is absolutely free!
Anychart 4.2.1 is allready supplied in the standard version of Oracle Apex, so you're making the best use out of the available resources.

I've created this site:
On this site you can view the features and known limitations of the ACP. When the package becomes available (or, when I finally get the time to make an installation script ;) ) it will be available here to. For now, you can view the features and the video demo's I've created.

Inspired by Patrick Wolf's Apex Builder Plugin, I've create an Apex ACP Plugin for the greaseMonkey firefox plugin. With this plugin you'll be able to convert your chart with the click of a button.

You can also find a new demo on the Apex ACP site !

As listed on the Apex ACP site, here is a summary of the Apex ACP features:

Version 0.6 (first bèta release)


1. Better export functionality (supported by Anychart 4.2.1):
- Save chart to PDF
- Save chart as image
- Print chart directly
2. Better look and feel creating a better overview
3. More grid lines on the chart
4. The use of all standard APEX wizards in the Apex Builder
5. Easy conversion plugin changing your chart with the click of a button
- This uses greasemonkey
6. Convert the following charts from Anychart 3.3 to Anychart 4.2.1 :
- Candlestick
- Horizontal Range 2D Column
- Horizontal Range 3D Column
- Horizontal 2D Column
- Horizontal 3D Column
- Range 2D Column
- Range 3D Column
- Scatter
- Stacked Horizontal 2D Column
- Stacked Horizontal 2D Column (Percent)
- Stacked Horizontal 3D Column
- Stacked Horizontal 3D Column (Percent)
- Stacked 2D Column
- Stacked 2D Column (Percent)
- Stacked 3D Column
- Stacked 3D Column (Percent)
- 2D Column
- 2D Doughnut
- 2D Line
- 2D Pie
- 3D Column

See the site for more details.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Sneak Preview #2 - Apex ACP (Anychart Conversion Package)

The Apex ACP converts your "old" Anychart 3.3 flash chart to the fancy "new" Anychart 4.2.1 chart.
Here's another sneak peak at the results you can achieve with the Apex ACP. This demo shows the conversion of the sample application chart on page 5. It also shows that you can use (standard) FlashChart queries, just as you're used to do with the other charts. It also shows a different chart based on the type of chart you select. So you can see that the position and 2D/3D settings are created based on the type of chart you select.

The Apex ACP will probably be available somewhere next week, in a pre-release bèta version. If you're interested in trying the package out, you can email me on
All features and limitations will be listed early next week!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sneak peak - APEX AnyChart 4 Conversion Package

Hi all,

I just wanted to show a sneak peak of the results with the Conversion Package. I know the APEX dev team has stated in their statement of direction, that Anychart 4 will be integrated into APEX 4.0, but there are some good reason to do it anyway.

1. I want it now ;)
2. Customers are really asking for this!
3. You never know, maybe it'll be postponed to version 4.1 (statements of direction are just guidelines, right? :) )

Just a little heads-up, the video is not as high a quality I'd like. So view in Full Screen and ignore the smudgy looks.



The planning for now, is to support all of APEX's default Chart functionality. So more on this subject soon!