Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Using anycharts 4 with APEX 3.1

If you haven't noticed before, Interactive Reports use Anycharts 4.2.1 ! While the normal flash chart regions are still using Anycharts 3.3!

The 4.2.1 version has much cooler features, as saving to image or to pdf with the right click menu. It also looks better and more organized. Why are normal flash chart regions still using 3.3? Well, probably because the XML source definition has changed! With APEX release 4.0 I think we can use Anycharts 4 with normal regions (Could be 3.2 but I think they have their hands full with Forms2Apex)

So what are we to do? While waiting is an option, trying to hack into Anycharts 4 is way much more fun! First some background info!

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Patrick Wolf said...


what I know of the AnyChart guys provide an integration kit for Oracle APEX 3.1 which uses the new AnyChart 4 for the normal APEX chart regions. It's some kind of special flash file which will do the translation of the different XML formats.

Maybe that's an easier way to use the new and fancy version

Dimitri Gielis said...

There's already something coming ;-)

Rutger said...

I'll just wait 4 more nights then :)

@Patrick, I would be surprised if they can manage the interfacing with different parameters and settings for anycharts 4 with a flash file. Then again, most of the time people keep surprising me :)

4 more nights.... I just can't stand waiting :)

Patrick Wolf said...

Believe me, it works! I tried it when 3.1 came out. Sure you can't use any new settings because it just translates the one APEX offers on the UI, but at least it has the new look and feel. I think someone on the forum wrote about it recently.

OOW coming closer :-)