Friday, September 5, 2008

AE Training days Utrecht

I attended the Apex Evangelists training days this week in Utrecht. From tuesday till friday I listened to John and Dimitri, who were presenting a variation of topics.

First off, let me thank Dimitri and John for the great organization! Unfortunately I couldn't attend the bowling trip, not that I would have made any difference with the bowling itself (I kinda suck at it ;) )

The best thing with this training was the extent of topics covered, for starters and more advanced developers. I know from first hand experience it's very hard to create an allround presentation about a topic.
It also shows the expertise and flexibility that John and Dimitri have.

I especially liked the presentations on the APEX Dictionary, Best practices, the security one and the 3d party integration! I really got some new things I'm gonna look in to or use!

Oh...and if some of my future blog posts contain a topic that looks like a topic on the training I'll certainly reference the training :)

Finally I can really recommend this training to anyone who wants to know more in depth information on APEX.

From a very reliable source, I heard John's book will be finished before Open World 2008 ;) Sorry John, but you'll not get the question anymore after that :)


Roel said...

"Finishing" a book is very vague... When will it be send to me by Amazon? I ordered it about a year ago and the latest date is somewhere in October!

Good to know you had a good week. And why didn't you mention the iPod?
CU next week...

Rutger said...

Well, no need to be smug about it. But yeah, I won the iPod Nano in the quiz :)