Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Apex Anychart Conversion Package (ACP) featurelist

I've nearly finished the first version of the Apex ACP, the first conversion package for Oracle Apex to upgrade your existing charts to Anychart 4 while still having the power of the Apex builder wizards and chart configurations. And the best thing is, it is absolutely free!
Anychart 4.2.1 is allready supplied in the standard version of Oracle Apex, so you're making the best use out of the available resources.

I've created this site:
On this site you can view the features and known limitations of the ACP. When the package becomes available (or, when I finally get the time to make an installation script ;) ) it will be available here to. For now, you can view the features and the video demo's I've created.

Inspired by Patrick Wolf's Apex Builder Plugin, I've create an Apex ACP Plugin for the greaseMonkey firefox plugin. With this plugin you'll be able to convert your chart with the click of a button.

You can also find a new demo on the Apex ACP site !

As listed on the Apex ACP site, here is a summary of the Apex ACP features:

Version 0.6 (first bèta release)


1. Better export functionality (supported by Anychart 4.2.1):
- Save chart to PDF
- Save chart as image
- Print chart directly
2. Better look and feel creating a better overview
3. More grid lines on the chart
4. The use of all standard APEX wizards in the Apex Builder
5. Easy conversion plugin changing your chart with the click of a button
- This uses greasemonkey
6. Convert the following charts from Anychart 3.3 to Anychart 4.2.1 :
- Candlestick
- Horizontal Range 2D Column
- Horizontal Range 3D Column
- Horizontal 2D Column
- Horizontal 3D Column
- Range 2D Column
- Range 3D Column
- Scatter
- Stacked Horizontal 2D Column
- Stacked Horizontal 2D Column (Percent)
- Stacked Horizontal 3D Column
- Stacked Horizontal 3D Column (Percent)
- Stacked 2D Column
- Stacked 2D Column (Percent)
- Stacked 3D Column
- Stacked 3D Column (Percent)
- 2D Column
- 2D Doughnut
- 2D Line
- 2D Pie
- 3D Column

See the site for more details.

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