Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pro4Pro APEX session 28-10-2008

Next Tuesday I'll be hosting a real nice session at the Logica office in Arnhem in the Netherlands. Together with colleague Roel Hartman, we'll be building a web application in a little over an hour. The power of this session is that you'll see everything we're doing to make it work, while also providing background information about the moving part we're handling.
After this part there will be time for a real cool part of the session, "Things you'd like to see". In this bit the audience can just ask away, and if it's possible we'll create some elements on the fly.
The subjects that will be covered in the session:

- Reporting and data entry
- Security
- Personalizing an application
- Things you'd like to see
- The fully fledged version, or: "What we've build in just three days"

So if you are in the neighborhood you're very welcome to come, as this session is open to anyone. The presentation will be in dutch, and you can apply here:

The session starts at 18.30, and dinner is served at 17.00. (It's required to apply when you want to attend)
The address and route descriptions to the Logica Arnhem office is provided when you apply.

Hope to see you there!

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